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Work field

Work field

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The Workplace card provides an opportunity to consciously improve your relationships with your colleagues. It is a 1080px x 1920px sized image that we will send to your preferred email address.

The Workplace card contains a description of the relationship between you and your chosen colleague: how you fit together and how you can better understand each other.

Since every relationship is different, you can choose a card specifically for yourself and your boss, colleague, or employee to obtain more accurate information. 

Questions that can find answers through the Workplace card:

  • How to better understand your boss's motives?
  • How to get along with your colleague?
  • How to be a better leader to your employee?

To create the card, we need your and the desired person's birthdates.

Information about the card:

  • Card size: 1080px x 1920px
  • NB: This is a digital card. To receive the card in physical form, choose "Custom Designed Card"
  • The price for one digital card is €24.99
  • Cards are available in Estonian and English. 
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