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Portrait + Card (two-sided A4)

Portrait + Card (two-sided A4)

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The "Portrait by an Artist" is the full package for those craving the ultimate gifting experience.

Beyond the message for the upcoming year and an artist's masterfully crafted portrait, we're taking it up a notch by combining them together. Because let's face it, a complete gift deserves a complete package! 

When you opt for the portrait package, we kindly request a high-quality, well-angled picture of the lucky person you want immortalised and the person's name (exactly as you want it to appear on the card). Our artist will then work her magic to create an A4-sized portrait based on the provided image. After the portrait is a masterpiece, a guide for the next year will be written on the other side of this masterpiece. 

Now the message itself. This powerhouse features a uniquely crafted numerological text based on the date you provide, designed following the person's numerologically determined lucky colour. Here's the breakdown: the first half of the card is a snapshot of the person, where they'll recognise themselves in the keywords and character traits. The second half unfolds as a roadmap for the upcoming year with instructions, guidance, and expectations. Plus, a numerological tip about the luckiest colour for the year ahead.

Once the message and the portrait have been successfully combined, on one side and the other, we will send it on its way to your chosen parcel paradise.

Information about the card and portrait:

  • Card dimensions: 210 x 297 mm
  • Card weight: 15 g
  • Card colour: designed to follow the energy-supporting color of the person's year, with dominant tones possibly being purple, yellow, orange, light blue, blue, red, purple, black
  • Card material: 180 g/m2 paper
  • Cards are available in Estonian and English. 
  • Portrait colour: black and white
  • Portrait material: paper
  • Frame not included.
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