About us

Who are we? What gives us purpose? How did our story start? Discover our true identity. Uncover our purpose. Unravel the beginnings of our story.

The family

Who is our most devoted numerology enthusiast? Who has delved into numerous books about different theories and methods, putting them all into practice? Who can conjure up texts that make touch your heart and linger in your memory? It's the family matriarch, Silvi. Her drive, innovation, and courage to act inspire all of us to take action. Silvi is the one crafting the story behind each card.

Who brings our mission to light with their skills? Who works tirelessly to ensure that the cards reach people, not just remain a bright dream? It's the daughter of the family, Anitra. Her youthful spirit, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm bring a breath of fresh air and positivity even to the grayest everyday life.

Who helps people order cards? Who finds a solution to every technical problem, no matter how big or small? It's Jan Markus. His technical knowledge knows no bounds. Thanks to him, this website exists. Thanks to him, we can convey our message here. Thanks to him, progress happens.

The cards

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have no clue what to write inside a card for someone (be it a significant other, a friend, or a colleague)? Us too.

Instead of settling for a generic "Congratulations" or grabbing a pre-made card from the store, we turn to numerology. Because what could be more heartfelt than knowing you've dedicated time, good wishes, and future-supporting messages to crafting someone's card? We like to think that when someone, in tough times, picks up our card – uniquely tailored just for them – and reads it, they find a reminder or a new perspective that propels them forward through life's lighter winds.

Years aren't siblings, and no card is the same. That's the charm – it's not a "one-size-fits-all" message, but a truly dedicated, numerological message card about the upcoming year's trends and circumstances.

The idea

The interest in numerology has been flowing through the veins of our family for a long, long time. We often created cards for friends, acquaintances, and each other, delivering a message about the upcoming year's life path. But every card is a significant treasure, providing a support point for the entire year. So why keep it to ourselves?

That's how the quiet but firm desire to contribute to people's well-being and guidance every year through a numerological message on a card became a reality. And here we are now, turning thoughts into actions!