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For the Birthday Card, it's a 1080px x 1920px sized image that contains both a summary of the person's characteristics and directions for the next life stage in the areas of love, work, and health. We'll send the card to your preferred email address.

On the digital birthday card, you'll find a summary describing the person, including keywords, characteristics, and guidance for the upcoming year. Additionally, there are numerology-based directions for love, work, and health. The card is designed in colors that support the energy of the life year.

  • A unique gift idea for a special person – a thoughtfully crafted message that touches the soul for longer than just the moment of receiving it.
  • A gift that gives reason for reflection and intention-setting for the new life period.
  • A message that creates a mood and reminds you of kindness for a longer period.
  • A gift that, with its uniqueness, creates long-term and success-bringing relationships for you.

Using the digital card as a wallpaper or keeping it in your favorites folder is convenient. This way, the card is always just a few clicks away when you need support.

    Information about the card:

    • Card size: 1080px x 1920px
    • NB: This is a digital card. To receive the card in physical form, choose "Custom Designed Card"
    • The price for one digital card is €19.99
    • Cards are available in Estonian and English. 
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